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Project Description

The fact that B2B buyers have become significantly more savvy in their purchasing habits has not been lost on the Chinese businessmen and women who own the factories and companies that make many of our favourite products. A platform with B2C levels of service and support, where buyers were made to feel an important part of the process and given the tools to make the most cost and time effective decisions had to be made.

It was with this conclusion that British based Red Step Marketing and Yuan Heng Hu Lian from Shaoxing, China embarked on a project of co-operation, to build a website and platform that would excite, rather than frustrate, buyers from around the world.

With 24 hour customer service, a strict criteria for getting products listed onto the site and unique credit facilities Enterprise China is the new generation of B2B platform, bringing China and the rest of the world closer together.

Project Details

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    CHRIS Red Step UK

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